We do not offer warranty to all products listed on our website, unless stated.

Warranty Service

You have the option to purchase 1-year warranty service. This is only offered to customers who purchase from Uniqbe Limited. For the full warranty terms and conditions, please download the following document.


In an unlikely event, the product delivered to you is DOA (Dead on Arrival), we offer an immediate replacement only if issue is reported to us within 7days. We believe 7 days is sufficient for you to identify the problem with the product if any. After 7 days, we take no responsibility if the item becomes faulty (unless warranty is purchased).

Repair Service

If warranty is not purchased and you want us to offer repair service, you can send back the product to us at your own expense. We will get a quote from the repair centre on behalf and you can decide whether you want to carry out the repair or not.

Please note that in event of DOA, we will bear the redelivery cost to you or your customer. However, in event of warranty or repair service is required; you will have to pay for the redelivery cost