Reseller Programme

Welcome to the Uniqbe Limited Reseller Programme. If you are looking to engage our services as wholesaler or you would like to use our drop ship services, you're in the right place. We highly recommend reading some of our prepared materials on Dropshipping and Wholesaling to further familiarize yourself if you are new to the concept. If you can't find the answers to your questions there then feel free to contact us through our Talk-back form here.

What's in the purpose of the Reseller Programme?

The programme is essentially an engagement process where we get in-touch with sellers or new businesses looking for a new wholesaling source or an alternative avenue of sourcing for mobile / cell phone devices. The intention of the programme is to educate

What are the benefits?

Being a part of the programme will ensure that you get the preferential supply rates that you need to begin your reseller business with the necessary market edge. We try to go beyond just the act of selling. We do provide advise on brands and models of products that sell better than others or inform you to avoid certain models if they have inherent problems. For us, it is the long-term relationship with our resellers that count.

What can you supply?

We primarily trade with consumer grade electronic goods such as mobile phones, smartwatches and tablets to name a few. If you are looking for a product not listed here but still within the consumer grade electronics genre, get in touch with us and we'll see if we can source it for you.