Xiaomi Electric Shaver S700 Replacement Heads (Black)

Brand new ceramic blade
Brand: Xiaomi
Code: XM01615
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Brand new ceramic blade

Xiaomi is the first electric shaver to use convoluted zirconium ceramic material, which is currently widely used in medical care equipment. Precise and gentle shave to keep you looking clean at all times.

Upgraded anti-corrosion technology can effectively protect your skin.

It can resist acidic and alkaline substances and has antioxidant properties.

The sharp blade design lets you shave faster.

Diamond polished for extra sharpness.

Increased hardness, the blade is lastingly sharp.

The hardness of ordinary steel blades is only HV500 to 600*, while the hardness of the ceramic blades of Xiaomi Electric Shaver S700 is as high as HV1200 to 1500*.

Extend service life and maintain excellent performance at all times.

No visible wear after 240 hours of use*.

Phase-interactive structural microlayers reduce friction and irritation sensations.

The outer ring part has a smooth coating. The phase interaction structure design can effectively reduce friction and irritation, and protect your skin.