Apple Watch SE GPS 40mm Silver Aluminium Case Sport Band (Abyss Blue) MKNY3LL/A

Heavy on features. Light on the pocket.
Brand: Apple
Code: AP04433
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Heavy on features.
Light on the pocket.
Powerful features to help keep you connected, active, healthy and safe. Advanced sensors to track all the ways you move and measure your favourite workouts. And available mobile connectivity so you can go without your phone. Apple Watch SE is a lot of watch for a lot less than you expected.

It’s the ultimate fitness partner.

Works swimmingly in the water.

The first fitness service powered by Apple Watch.

Keep an eye on your heart health.

Stay centred with Mindfulness.

It calls for help when you need it.

It watches over you day and night.

Stay close to what you care about.

Tap into thousands of apps.

It’s music and podcasts to your ears.

Over 30% bigger display than Series 3

Up to 2x faster than Series 3

Find a face that puts a smile on yours.

Straps galore.

Two sizes, three finishes, lots to love