Specs of Dreame V11 Vacuum Cleaner

Weight: 1.3KG

Battery: 3000mAh

Cleaning time: 90, 30, or 10 min (depending on settings)

Motor: Dreame SPACE 4

Power: 450 watts

Suction power: 150 AirWatts or 25000 PA

12 cyclone filtration + 5 layer filter

Max noise: 73db

Dust Bin: 0.5 liters

Display in handle

4 attachments + dock

3 Modes of Operation

The V11 offers three different modes of suction power for you.

The “eco” mode is a long, enduring mode that runs for 60-90 minutes and is the lowest setting. This setting is still good enough to pick up strands of hair or noodles. This mode is great for light cleaning around the bedroom.

The second mode, or “medium” mode runs for 30 minutes and offers more suction power than the previous setting. This mode is good enough to clean the classic messes on the floor such as crumbled cookies and other debris.

The third mode, or “turbo” mode runs at maximum power for 10 minutes. This mode is great for hard to reach places when combined with the other accessories.

Dreame SPACE 4.0 High-Speed Motor

Boasts 125,000RPMS (25% faster than the previous model). A more powerful motor means better performance when picking up debris on any surface. The motor operates at 25,000 pascal (PA) and 150 airwatt (AW) which means more suction power.

Optimized Air Flow System

The air vents are put in place so that the Dreame V11 can perform at its highest quality without overheating. (The air vents are strategically placed and specially designed to dissipate heat). This means it can perform longer and at the standard the Dreame V11 is known for.

Bigger, better, battery

At 3000mAh, the Dreame V11 can operate for up to 90 minutes in eco mode, 30 minutes in medium mode and 10 minutes in turbo mode. The battery takes 4 hours to charge, meaning that you’ll get a lot done in your cleaning session and be ready for the next one without missing a beat. The battery indicator is located on the side of the vacuum unit, showing how much battery life is left in three levels.

OLED 16-bit HD color display

The all-in-on, high-definition LED color display screen shows battery life, suction strength setting and has hands-free “lock” mode for continuous use. It’s simple, elegant design makes the V11 easy to use. The lock button is located on the OLED screen display and allows for finger-free, continuous use. Instead of having to press the on button again and again, this mode allows for free-hand use as the vacuum cleaner will keep running while you clean and maneuver around. The display will also let you know if you have a filter that needs to be replaced.

Filtration System

Yet another upgrade from the previous model, the filtration system can filter out particles as small as 0.3 microns. It has 12 cone cylinders which allow more precise and finer filtration by trapping the fine dirt and dust in the dustbin. This also reduces the risk of clogging the motor, so the V11 won’t lose its suction power. The higher amount of cones reduces the workload of filter and extends the lifespan further. The filter is also easily removed, and can be easily cleaned as well, since it’s reusable it’s green friendly. The filter is symbolic of the entire system, as this vacuum will endure for a long time. The filtration system also allows for clean air output.

These new features of Dreame V11 are a step up from the previous model and help make the machine that much better.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg

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