Xiaomi Electric Toothbrush T700 Replacement Heads

All-in-one ultra-thin type
Brand: Xiaomi
Code: XM01587
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All-in-one ultra-thin type

Delicate bristles to clean teeth and protect gums

The bristles are DuPont™ Staclean®*
Soft and delicate bristles
4mm ultra-thin brush head
High-density bristles

Nylon super soft bristles
Clean and soft care to reduce gum irritation
The bristles are DuPont™ Staclean®*

Specially designed for sensitive teeth, this product has soft and non-irritant bristles that go extensively into the gap of gums to clean teeth stains

Diameter of outer bristles*

Diameter of inner bristles*

2 times the density*, convex shape
Powerful, clean, safe and healthy

The higher density and convex-shaped bristles will bring you a more thorough cleaning experience. With the Bass brushing method*, the 45° inclined vibration around and under the gumline will help comprehensively remove food residue and soft dirt. The bristle is tested in accordance to FDA standard* and is safe to use.

4mm ultra-thin brush head
Comfortable size, flexible cleaning

The smaller head reduces discomfort, and helps to easily clean the oral corners

4mm ultra-thin brush head
2 standard brush heads

Bright and smooth brush head handle that is delicate and stain-resistant

The brush head handle is made from food contact* ABS materials, which is polished and is easy to clean and stain-resistant.
The product meets the regulations of FDA Food Contact Substances (FCSs)* so it is safe and secure to use