Sony Xperia 1 IV Gaming Edition XQ-CT72 Dual SIM 16GB RAM 512GB 5G (Black)

Born to game.
Brand: Sony
Code: SN00819
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Enhancing the Xperia 1 IV with tailor-made gaming gear
The ultimate gaming smartphone, the Xperia 1 IV Gaming Edition combines all the game-winning features and sharing capabilities of the Xperia 1 IV with tailor-made Xperia Stream gaming gear. Created with pro gamers, Xperia Stream features a total cooling system, multiple ports and a specialised shape ideally suited to intensive gameplay.

Prevents overheating and protects your battery
When using a charging cable for gaming, Heat Suppression power control powers the phone system directly rather than charging the battery. This reduces thermal stress, helping to maintain gaming performance and keep your battery healthy for longer.
[A] OFF = high temperature
[B] ON = low temperature

Optimised for high-level gaming
The Xperia 1 IV Gaming Edition is optimised with Snapdragon Elite Gaming™ for superior gaming performance.

Play to win
With customisable features and settings, Game enhancer gives you the edge over the competition.

Incredibly smooth gameplay
On the native 120Hz Refresh rate display1, fast moving objects are rendered clearly for seriously smooth gameplay. In addition, the 21:9 wide display2 reveals more of the action, giving you an advantage in those close-fought contests.

Strike first in the dark
L-γ raiser (Low gamma raiser) makes it easier to see opponents hiding in the shadows by enhancing image details in dark areas without overexposing bright areas of the screen. So you can react before they do.

See things your way
The Xperia 1 IV Gaming Edition lets you adjust white balance, so you can see the action more clearly and spot your opponents more easily1. It's more comfortable for your eyes too so you can play for longer without feeling the strain.

Accuracy is everything
For precision control, the Xperia 1 IV Gaming Edition supports a 240Hz Touch scanning rate, meaning the action happens exactly as you intended. And with Fast Touch response, the system recognises your touch at the precise moment you apply it.

Avoid unintended touches
In top-level gaming, you can't afford to make mistakes. So the Xperia 1 IV Gaming Edition lets you disable touch in the bottom left and right corners of the screen to avoid any unintended touches. You can also adjust the size of these false-touch areas or remove them entirely if you prefer.

Customise your settings
To optimise your gaming experience, you can adjust settings such as performance, touch response, speed and frame rate. Alternatively, battery life mode is all about energy efficiency to make sure your gaming time lasts as long as possible.

Eliminate audio latency
The 3.5mm audio jack lets you plug in your favourite gaming headset and enjoy in-game sound and chat without audio latency.

Listen your way to victory
Audio equalizer lets you heighten sounds such as footsteps or gunshots, so you can hear your opponents coming and react before they do.

Enjoy clear communication with teammates
Playing a team game? The Optimize V.C. microphone reduces background noise based on your chosen headset type to make sure you and your teammates can hear each other loud and clear.

No distractions, just you and the game
When you want to focus purely on your gameplay you can easily disable notifications, incoming calls and other potential distractions.

Play and share
Let everyone enjoy your gaming experiences, with high-quality recording, effortless streaming, and more.

Streaming made simple
The Xperia 1 IV Gaming Edition offers a range of useful features and settings designed with streamers in mind.

Stream all your sounds
Whether you're using a wired headset to commentate on the action or chat to teammates, you can output game sound and mic audio simultaneously via HDMI to an external device like a capture card.

Multi-tasking made easy
Game enhancer doesn't just let you create your perfect gaming experience, it also lets you perform a range of other tasks while you're playing – whether it's chatting to friends or searching YouTube.

Record and share your gameplay
The Xperia 1 IV Gaming Edition makes it incredibly simple to record and share your gaming highlights in high quality.

More reasons to choose the Xperia 1 IV Gaming Edition
Discover more reasons to choose the Xperia 1 IV Gaming Edition, including a powerful battery, immersive sound, and a versatile camera.

Do more with your smartphone
With 16GB RAM at its disposal, the Xperia 1 IV Gaming Edition is able to maintain a smooth gaming experience, even if you launch multiple applications or applications with a heavy processing load.

Long-lasting 5,000mAh battery and fast charging
A large capacity 5,000mAh battery gives you plenty of power for those marathon gaming sessions and beyond. And when you need to give your battery a boost, you can fast charge up to 50% in just 30 minutes with the XQZ-UC1 charger.

Immersive gaming sound
Full-stage stereo speakers at the front of the phone effectively reproduce high-quality audio that lets you live and breathe every game. The updated speaker driver and its enclosure structure deliver more powerful sound with reduced distortion.

Outstanding camera for content creation
Whether you're shooting videos or taking photos, the Xperia 1 IV Gaming Edition lets you get creative with a choice of three lenses: ultra-wide 16mm, wide-angle 24mm, and telephoto with true optical zoom 85-125mm. All three offer 4K HDR 120fps video recording2, Eye AF and Object tracking.