Xiaomi Mijia Smart Pet Feeder Desiccant Cartridge

Lock freshness and nutrients
Brand: Xiaomi
Code: XM01621
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Lock freshness and nutrients

Environmental protection material
High moisture absorption rate
Moisture-proof and fresh-keeping
*It is recommended to replace the drying box once a month. 

Safe and environmentally friendly raw materials
Stronger moisture absorption

Adhere to the concept of environmental protection, using environmentally friendly material desiccant box, the material is mild, with strong moisture absorption and moisture resistance
Ability to effectively protect pet food, slow down the oxidation of grain, lock freshness, lock nutrients. 

Intimate anti-breakage design
Easy installation

The desiccant particles have good strength and are not easily powdered. Using PET cotton + ABS double anti-breakage design, convenient installation, effectively prevent the damage of the desiccant. 

Connect to Mijia APP, the desiccant expires, and the mobile phone reminds 

Dry box replacement instructions

Press the safety lock on the body of the feeder, remove the upper cover, as shown in the figure, install the drying box in the card slot in the upper cover, and rotate the positioning point to the icon