Xiaomi 12V Max Brushless Cordless Drill (Black)

Powerful brushless motor with lithium battery
Brand: Xiaomi
Code: XM01616
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Powerful brushless motor with lithium battery

30N·m powerful torque
30-speed precision control
3 operating modes
Smart Display

Freely adjustable speed/torque
Low-impact slow-stop
Drill/screw with one device
Type-C charging port

Supplied with adaptor in compliance with local standards

Powerful brushless motor
Stable and reliable performance

Electromechanically integrated design for safe and spark-free operation. Low motor wear, low noise output and high power conversion. No need to replace carbon brushes, resulting in longer service life.

Max torque 30N·m*
Max. speed* 1400rpm*
Long battery life
Stable operation

Smart display
All-new interactive experience

High-resolution display with real-time display of the current operating mode and manual gear speed. Revolutionising conventional tool concepts and keeping the power in your hands.

Automatic mode
screw-in/ out
Manual mode
Manual gear setting
Pulse mode
Battery level

Three-modes switching with one-key
Meet a variety of operating scenarios

Switch between the three operating modes at any time by touching the button at the bottom of the display. From beginners to professionals, from casual to renovation, meets the needs of different groups of people in a variety of scenarios with one click.

A Automatic Smart Mode
M Manual Mode
Pulse Mode

M Manual Mode
Precise 30-stage gear adjustment

360° infinite knob with up to 30 gear stages, which can be adjusted incrementally or by rotating quickly through the gears. Depending on the drilling/screwing mode, the maximum torque or speed can be controlled separately for precision and accuracy to meet the advanced needs of professional users.

Drilling Mode
30-speed incremental adjustment of the maximum speed

Screwdriving Mode
30-speed incremental adjustment of the torque output

A Automatic Smart Mode
Smooth & Worry-free automatic torque detection

The built-in smart chip automatically matches the appropriate torque to the application scenario. Screwdriving mode automatically locked after tightening , avoiding breakage or cracks due to over-turning.

Safe pulse Mode
Easy control of intermittent starting and stopping

The safe-pulse mode is more suitable for beginners, thanks to embedded intelligent speed control chip. Plus, the intermittent rotation start/stop ensures safety operation. It also effectively minimises damage to the soft material .

Suitable for a variety of materials
Adapting multiple operation scenarios and a wide range of applications

Effortless screw/ drilling on woods such as soft pine and hard beech, metals such as aluminium tubes and steel plates, and plastics such as water pipes and acrylic.

Walls (* Non-load-bearing walls)
Wooden furniture
Acrylic plates
PVC pipes
Aluminium alloy extrusions

Drilling/screwdriving Modes
Multiple Functions & Easy-Switching

Easily switch between drilling and screwdriving mode with a single push and twist. The built-in all-metal variable speed gearbox meets the needs of different speeds in a variety of usage scenarios..

Infinite gear switching
Slow-stop on release to enhanced safety

Infinitely variable trigger, the speed gradually increases with the pressing force. The slow-stop design can protect the user in high torque mode.

Minimalist screwless design
A modern take on traditional tool design

In keeping with the minimalist design of Xiaomi screwdrivers, the body has smooth lines and no visible screws on the surface. The grip is designed to fit perfectly in your hand for a more comfortable and safe operation.

Sophisticated surface finishes
Designed for more comfortable grip

The metal coating and UV topcoat create a high-quality matt metallic finish that is scratch and stain-resistant. The entire device is made of PC+ABS high-strength engineering plastic, which is robust and durable. The front of the grip is covered with matt TPU soft rubber for a comfortable, non-slip feel and is not prone to the usual yellowing and stickiness.

Cordless, portable design
Large capacity and long battery life

Built-in 2000mAh high-quality lithium battery with a capacity of 550+ self-tapping screws* on a full charge. The innovative battery design eliminates the need for additional bulky battery packs.

22+ Successive penetrating into 6mm steel plates*
280+ Successive drilling of 4cm-deep holes on wooden board*

Extensive testing for guaranteed quality
Comprehensive product safety tests

Heat and flame resistance
Abnormal operation
Mechanical strength
Internal wiring
Screws and connections
Protection against contact with live parts
Heat generation

Universal Type-C charging port
Rapid charge adaptor for charging at any time

Supplied with a 1m Type-C rapid charging cable and charging adaptor, with a universal Type-C charging port for convenient charging at any time.

Wide range of accessories
Ideal for most operational requirements

24 different types of S2 steel bits in 9 common categories, hardened to a maximum of 60HRC* for toughness and durability.The 60mm magnetic extension rod covers a wide range of applications.Eight different sizes of woodworking bits and metal twist drills meet the requirements for drilling a wide range of materials.

Wood drill bits
Metal drill bits

Water-repellent storage pouch*
Simple and compact design

The portable storage pouch is made of water-repellent fabric. The main unit, accessory case, adaptor and charger can all be stored in the bag, so you can easily and conveniently carry them all with you.