OnePlus Ace PGKM10 Dual Sim 8GB RAM 256GB 5G (Blue)

The ace debuts quickly and steadily
Brand: OnePlus
Code: OP00248
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The ace debuts quickly and steadily

Longevity Version 150W Super Flash Charge

Exclusive custom Dimensity 8100-MAX

Sony IMX766 flagship main camera OIS image stabilization

120Hz flexible gaming straight screen

Standard 150W super flash charge for you, charging and then accelerating. 4500mAh large battery, accompany you to go out with peace of mind, and support you to go home with peace of mind.

Double the battery life and
after 1600 charge cycles, it's still healthy.

Forced to change your phone because your battery is low? Well now, the battery life of the OnePlus Ace has been doubled to the industry standard, and the effective battery life after 1600 full charge cycles is still ≥80%, even after 4 years of use.

TSMC process

8 cores
CPU single core up to 2.85GHz

6 cores
Mali-G610 GPU

Ultra-large flash memory

Compared with the Dimensity 8100, the Dimensity 8100-MAX's game stability, AI capabilities, and night scene video noise reduction capabilities have been greatly upgraded. TSMC's 5nm custom flagship chip has strong performance, low power consumption and stable game frame rate. Up to 12GB+512GB storage combination, daily operation is smoother, and playing games is also superb.

He is a master of the game and a master
of night photography,
all thanks to the custom MAX.

This core not only makes your game super-smart, but also greatly enhances AI capabilities. Through massive calculations behind the scenes, it brings excellent night scene video noise reduction performance, and night video is also a good player.

Customized supercrystalline graphite heat dissipation material, the heat dissipation efficiency of the same area is increased by 60%.

Graphics heterogeneity and GPA stable frame technology make the frame rate stable from the beginning to the end, with fewer frame drops and continuous cliffs. At the same time, it supports up to 720Hz sampling rate and 1000Hz touch response, every step is faster.

Equipped with a game independent graphics chip, the frame rate is higher, the power consumption is lower, and the game is more stable.

In addition to the God U Dimensity 8100-MAX, OnePlus Ace is also equipped with a game-only graphics chip. It allows you to have a higher frame rate when gaming, less smear on the screen, smoother and smoother images, and lower power consumption.

main camera lens

50 million pixel OIS optical image stabilization

Ultra wide angle lens
8 million pixels 119.7° ultra-wide angle

macro lens
4cm Macro

The main camera is the Sony IMX766 flagship outsole sensor + OIS optical image stabilization, which makes the photos you take stand out. If you want to shoot a sky high and the sea is wide, the ultra-wide-angle lens will capture the big scene for you. If you want to find out about every plant and tree, the macro lens will focus on the little beauty for you.

Super night scene,
no fear of dark light.

Thanks to Nighthawk Algorithm 2.0, all kinds of dark light, backlight, multi-light source and large light ratio are easily conquered. At the beginning of the lanterns, there was a lot of traffic, and the night shots were detailed and textured.

The ICE capture engine captures good photos.

Speeding racing cars, jumping skateboards, happy children, active cute pets... With the ICE capture algorithm and OIS optical image stabilization blessing, you can clearly capture every wonderful and moving moment.

Good screen appearance,
good drama debut.

120Hz high-brush flexible OLED gaming straight screen,
720Hz sensitive touch response, 1000Hz instant touch, very easy to use. 
billion color screen , HDR10+ display, clear and accurate, not only smooth use of daily apps, but also fun to play games.

ColorOS 12.1,
freedom without boundaries.

New design, comfortable noise reduction; full scene integration, freedom and freedom; full protection, more emphasis on privacy protection. The functions are richer and more complete, and it is still light and smooth.