Xiaomi Mi Robot Vaccum Mop 2C (White)

Vacuum & Mop in One Go with Smart Mapping
Brand: Xiaomi
Code: XM01451
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Vacuum & Mop in One Go with Smart Mapping

Visual Dynamic Navigation
Planned Cleaning & Virtual Walls
2,200 Pa * Powerful Suction
Electronically-controlled Water Tank

Intelligent Cleaning Delivers All-round Excellence

Visual Dynamic Navigation System
Accurately detects your home environment

Powerful Quad-core Processor
Takes efficiency to new heights with multiprocessing

Customized zone cleaning & Virtual wall
Selected zone cleaning of your choice

2,200 Pa * Powerful Suction
Removes dirt and hair in an instant

Electronically-controlled Water Tank
Evenly dispensed water, gentle on floors

Professional Sensors for Real-time Detection
Sets your mind at ease during cleaning

Large-diameter Suction Inlet
Stronger dust collection capacity

Remote App Control
Controls cleaning at your fingertips

Intelligent Visual Navigation
Scans your home environment in an instant

The high-speed visual navigation system helps quickly capture coordinate information and extract complex spatial features for faster and more accurate map creation.

30000*per Second
Image Feature Points Gathering

166° *
Wide Angle

Dynamic Visual Mapping

Equipped with the professional vision sensor, the vacuum-mop can simulate the way that humans and animals pass messages in neurons by using the neural network algorithm. Along with 50 * paths per second calculation, it carries out dynamic detection and selects the best path while moving around, making the mapping more accurate and efficient.


Set up Restricted Areas
For a Safer Clean

You can set up the virtual walls in the app to make the vacuum-mop automatically avoid areas that need not be cleaned.

Personalize Your Way of Cleaning
With Customized Zone Cleaning

Set up zones on the map, and select the zone you wish to clean for a more efficient and targeted cleaning.

VSLAM Algorithm + Quad-core Processor
Thinks Independently and Acts Flexibly.

The Cortex™-A7 quad-core data processing chip, along with the VSLAM algorithm, boasts greater computing power to accurately position the vacuum-mop in real-time and plan routes in a smart way.


CPU Clock Speed

Automatic & Smart
Electronically-controlled Water Tank
Precise Water Controlling for Mopping

The 200 ml * smart electronically-controlled water tank automatically controls the water volume from the start to the end without leaks, taking good care of your floor.

3 Water Level Settings
For Different Cleaning Needs

3 water levels are designed for different humidities of the season and floorings for a better mopping effect. Select the water level in the App with just one tap for effortless mopping.

2,200 Pa Powerful SuctionSpeedily Sweeps Away
Various Dust & Dirt

The high-performance brushless motor constantly generates powerful suction to remove fine dirt from floors and any crevices at the moment it starts.

speed modes

600ml *
Large-Capacity Dustbin

Large-diameter Suction Inlet + Large-capacity Dustbin + Powerful Brush
Collects Dust with More Power for Efficient Cleaning

Large-diameter suction inlet sticks closer to the ground to clean better.

A True Cleaning Master
Handles Various Kinds of Dirt with Ease

Biscuit crumbs
Small steel balls

Sees & Moves Better with High-precision Sensors

Equipped with multiple high-precision sensors, the vacuum-mop can better adapt to the environment and avoid obstacles

Calibrated by the optical path on the bottom, walks straighter and more accurately on carpets

Decelerates when automatically docking with the recognition distance up to 20 cm * using 7 groups of infrared sensors on the front

Reacts adroitly to steps and turns around automatically to avoid falling