Xiaomi Smart Air Purifier 4 Pro (White)

Breathe clean, breathe healthy
Brand: Xiaomi
Code: XM01355
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Breathe clean, breathe healthy
Pet-hair and pollen filtration
OLED display
Effective coverage area of 35-60m

15min purification for a living room of approx. 40m - 8330L of purified air per minute
60m large effective coverage area - Large living rooms/bedrooms/offices
Three-in-one filter - 99.97% filtration of 0.3μm particles
Odour elimination - 650,000mg high-quality activated carbon
PM2.5/PM10 dual-effect sensor - Large-particle monitoring, e.g. pollen
Negative air ionization - Forest-quality fresh air
Smart control - Mi Home/Xiaomi Home App + AI voice
33.7dB(A) low noise - Night Mode for undisturbed sleeping
Filter replacement reminders - Automatic reminders for filters that need to be replaced

The air is filled with pollutants that pose a risk to your health

Cooking fumes
Pet hair
Pet odours

Full-room purification in the time it takes to read a bedtime story

Xiaomi Smart Air Purifier 4 Pro has a Particle CADR of up to 500m³/h*, and is able to release 8330L* of clean air per minute. The purified air is able to reach every corner of your home, so you and your family can breathe healthy all the time.

Clean air output per minute*

All-round air intake

Effective coverage area*

Approx. purification time for 30m² bedroom

15min Approx. purification time for 40m² living room

Clean air that is visible with comprehensive monitoring and real-time display

PM2.5/PM10 dual-effect laser sensor

Targeted purification that leaves pollutants with nowhere to hide

Comprehensive monitoring of air-quality changes for more targeted, efficient purification. In Auto Mode your purifier monitors real-time air quality and automatically adjusts the purification speed.

PM2.5-PM10 Detection of coarse particles such as pollen
Indoor monitoring for pollen, ash, spores, pet dander and plant epidermis etc.

PM2.5 Detection of fine particles
Indoor monitoring for small inhalable pollutants, such as invisible particles in smoke etc.

OLED display

Intuitive display, easy-to-control interface

Intuitive indoor air-quality data with the real-time PM2.5/PM10 display and colour-coded light strip. Adjust your purification settings with the simple touch control buttons, one light touch to fulfil your air-quality needs.

Just one filter for up to one year's usage Everyday freshness with a long-lasting filter

The filter, made from large-area high-efficiency filter and large volume high-quality activated carbon, can last 6-12 months. No need for frequent filter replacement.

High-efficiency filter expanded area*
High-quality activated carbon content*

99.97% elimination of 0.3μm particles* Three-in-one filtration for high-efficiency purification

The Xiaomi Smart Air Purifier 4 Pro features a three-in-one filter, including a primary filter, the Xiaomi's High Efficiency Filter and a high-quality activated carbon filter, which work together to purify your air and keep you healthy.

Pet hair
Cotton fibre

A hero for animal lovers - Pet hair and dander filtration
Allergy season at ease - Pollen filtration

High-quality activated carbon Odour elimination for lasting freshness

Activated carbon has a high adsorption rate, able to eliminate odours and keep your air fresh.

Pet odours
Cooking fumes
Formaldehyde, toluene
Other odours

Negative air ionization
Stale-air elimination to keep your home fresh

Enhanced air purification with dust cleaning that will make you feel as though you're in the forest.

Smart control Start your air purification anywhere anytime

Use the Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app to activate your air purifier on the move, so your home is fresh from the moment you arrive.

Remote control
Timed on/off
Adjust settings
Air quality
Child lock

Filter replacement reminders - Simply change your filter when recommended

Voice-control support - Activate your purifier with your voice*

Low-noise 33.7dB(A) Night Mode* High-quality air that leaves you to sleep undisturbed

Switch to Night Mode to turn off display luminance for no-glare, no-noise purification. Your purifier will keep air circulating, providing you with the perfect environment for a night of sound sleep.

Easy-to-clean removable top grille. Clean your purifier from the inside out

To protect the infants in your house, the top grille is screwed on and cannot be removed accidentally. Unscrew and remove the grille for easy access to the fan blades and air ducts. Clean the inside of your purifier to prevent secondary pollution.

*Make sure the device is switched off before taking any of the following actions.
Step 1 - Unscrew and remove the grille
Step 2 - Using a soft cloth, clean the air ducts and the fan blades
Step 3 - Screw the grille back into place

An excellent user experience, it's in the details

Easy open and close - Magnetic-door design
Durable - Weather-resistant ABS body

The difference between Xiaomi‘s High Efficiency Filter and conventional HEPA Filter

Combining two filter technologies: Electrostatic charge and mechanical filtration, Xiaomi's High Efficiency Filter media can remove 99.97% of airborne particles of 0.3 micrometers in size and traps dust, PM 2.5, pollen, pet dander, smoke and tiny particles. Compared to a conventional HEPA filter, Xiaomi's High Efficiency Filter allows the air purifier to generate less noise and consume less energy by allowing more airflow to pass through the filter all the while keeping the same cleaning efficiency.

Conventional HEPA filter

Less clean air
HEPA filter is made of dense fiberglass to trap particles, which means that less clean air get through the filter.
Large volume air is forced to get through a dense HEPA filter, requires higher fan speed, which will generate higher noise.
Higher energy consumption
In order to get more clean air, HEPA filter requires the motor to run at a higher speed, which causes higher energy consumption.

Xiaomi's High Efficiency Filter

More clean air
Xiaomi's High Efficiency Filter integrated melt-blown PP fibers with electrostatics technology equipped with bigger fibers space, which enables a large volume clean air to get through the filter.
Low noise
Less dense fibers filter is easy to have the air passed even in a high speed, which results in much lower noise.
Lower energy consumption
Thanks to a less dense fibers filter,Xiaomi's High Efficiency Filter consumes less energy to achieve the same volume clean air.