Asus ZenFone 7 ZS670KS Dual Sim 6GB RAM 128GB 5G (Black)

is built to defy ordinary and make the impossible, possible!
Brand: Asus
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ZenFone 7

ZenFone 7 is built to defy ordinary and make the impossible, possible! Its evolved. Flip Camera gives you three high-quality cameras front and rear a feat that no other phone can match. ZenFone 7 excels in everything it does, with a pin-sharp AMOLED display, superb performance from the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 5G Mobile Platform and incredible stamina from its high-capacity battery. Discover ZenFone 7 and put some extraordinary in your life!


Smooth, immersive and incredibly vivid!

There’s never been a better-looking screen than ZenFone 7 Pro’s responsive 90 Hz / 1 ms AMOLED NanoEdge display. You’ll relish the silky-smooth scrolling and enjoy the true-to-life colors on this immersive all-screen display. It also features DC Dimming technology1 to reduce screen flicker in low-light conditions for comfortable viewing anytime.


New-era performance

Powered by the latest flagship Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 5G Mobile Platform makes ZenFone 7 the all-round performer. It features fast LPDDR5 RAM, and its UFS 3.1 ROM the fastest flash storage gives you massive storage capacity. Get ready to experience a new era of speed and performance with ZenFone 7


World’s first triple Flip Camera

ZenFone 7 leads the way in mobile photography, with triple front and rear cameras mounted in the unique Flip Camera module. This motorized flip-up module now features a 64 MP wide-angle main camera, an ultrawide-angle camera, and a telephoto camera with 3x optical zoom, so it’s easy to capture the very best photos.

Ultrawide-angle camera

Capture everything you can see

The ultrawide-angle camera creates expansive landscape photos that capture everything you can see. You can also capture amazing macro shots that highlight every detail.

64 MP wide-angle camera

Capture clear and colorful shots

The high-res 64 MP main camera ensures that you’ll faithfully capture every nuance of detail and color in your pictures.

Outstanding low-light performance

The large sensor size and pixel-binning Quad Bayer technology increases the amount of light captured, giving brighter and clearer night shots with vivid colors.

Telephoto camera

Bring the world closer

Use up to a 12x zoom to bring distant scenes within touching distance. Get closer to the subject without moving an inch for the perfect shot.

Flip Camera Mechanism

More power, more precision

The Flip Camera in ZenFone 7 is driven by a new, simpler, yet more powerful stepper motor. An angle sensor has been added for more precise control of the flip angle. The sensor also ensures that Flip Camera is always in a safe position, and it can memorize your three favorite flip positions for quick angle switching.

Perfect focus and exposure, every time!

With independent focus and exposure controls, you can focus on the subject while keeping the overall exposure perfectly balanced.

Smooth camera switching

Whether you’re taking stills or videos, you can switch seamlessly between any of the three cameras to get the ideal result, with invisible transitions.


A video recording experience like no other

ZenFone 7 brings you industry-leading 8K 30 fps high-resolution video with electronic image stabilization (EIS), and up to 4K UHD ultrawide-angle recording. It automatically adjusts the brightness and the exposure to bring out the full detail and colors, whether you’re shooting night scenes or in bright sunlight. Wherever you are, you can easily record every precious moment like a pro.
Front Camera

A unique front camera experience

Using exactly the same camera for both front and rear delivers the ultimate front-camera experience, giving you everything from high-res and ultrawide selfies to rock-steady selfie videos. It’s a unique design with endless possibilities!

Front high-res video

Enter a new era of front-camera fun, with up to 8K selfie videos and ultrawide video in 4K UHD resolution. ZenFone 7 is the only camera you need!

Front HyperSteady video

Turn on HyperSteady mode for the smoothest ever front-camera videos, no matter how frantic the action.

Enhanced audio quality

ZenFone 7’s triple microphones give you the very best audio capture performance for your every videos. The Acoustic Focus feature in Pro video mode lets you choose the direction of the sound you want to record eliminating unwanted noise and focusing on the most important sounds!

High-res, ultrawide-angle selfies

ZenFone 7 has the highest resolution selfie camera of any phone. It also takes amazing ultrawide-angle selfies that fit everyone in the picture, with automatic face-distortion correction to keep everyone looking just as they should!

Stunning selfies, even in the dark

As it uses the same camera system as the rear camera, taking selfies at night is never a problem.

Put yourself center-frame

The superb Portrait mode features a natural-looking bokeh background effect, while still keeping everything pin-sharp on your subject.

Flip Camera

Out with the old, in with the new Flip Camera!

Flip Camera gives you the creative freedom to take pictures at any angle you want, helping you to add a touch of extraordinary to your photos and videos.

Quick-angle shooting

The newly designed camera interface gives you instant angle control. With just a tap, Flip Camera automatically retracts or flips to any one of your three chosen favorite angle presets.

Motion Tracking 2.0

Track subjects automatically with Motion Tacking 2.0! It also seamlessly zooms in to whatever you’re tracking so that your subject is always kept in center-frame!

Auto Panorama

As well as using the standard camera, Auto Panorama now also works with the ultrawide camera for truly extraordinary panoramic shots. The newly optimized automatic shutter speed adjustment produces panoramic shots that are clearer and steadier than any other phone.


Monster battery power for unbeatable endurance

ZenFone 7 packs a monster 5000 mAh high-capacity battery for a non-stop experience. There’s a new custom battery-mode control and battery-care settings so it lasts even longer. And there’s no need for chargers or power banks for your devices, because you’ve got one in your pocket!


Extraordinary design in every detail

The futuristic new colors and patterns created for ZenFone 7 are designed to impress. They show an ever-changing interplay of light and shade under the 3D-curved rear glass cover that fits perfectly in your palm. The precision-crafted camera module is made from highly advanced liquid metal that’s light and tough. ZenFone 7 is the perfect blend of art and technology.


The all-in-one Smart Key, at your command

ZenFone 7 integrates the fingerprint sensor and the much-loved Smart Key into the power button, which is located where the thumb naturally falls for an instant unlocking experience. A double-press triggers the Smart Key functionality and launches Google Assistant or your specified favorite app shortcut or action. ZenFone 7 is designed for the most mindful experience and be your faithful everyday companion!