Xiaomi Mi Router 4C (White)

4 omnidirectional antennas for a faster and smarter experience
Brand: Xiaomi
Code: XM01032
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Mi Router 4C (White)

4 omnidirectional antennas for a faster and smarter experience

External antennas for better signal strength 64 MB memory for stable operation smart management via app

4 omnidirectional external antennas

Powerful signal strength and fast transmission


supports the 802.11n protocol

64MB memory

More stable operation

Smart control via app

Wide range of functions and remote control

4 external antennas

Powerful signals, wide coverage and fast transmission

The 4 external omnidirectional external antennas with a signal gain of 5dBi can effectively enhance the signal gain effect to improve transmission performance, and can be used easily in various complex real-world environments

Large 64MB memory for quick processing and stable operation

With up to 64MB of memory, data transmission is more stable, ensuring the smooth operation of a larger number of functions,
and the stable connectivity of more smart devices.

Intelligent speed limit for faster internet access

You can choose a router configuration according to the app market or allow the Mi Router 4C to carry out intelligent optimization so that you have a smoother experience playing games, watching videos or browsing the web. For a better online experience, you can also prioritize network bandwidth for a single device.

Smart unauthorized access prevention

Greater guarantee of internet speed

The majority of unauthorized Wi-Fi access is due to passwords being too simple or network sharing software being installed.
The Mi Router 4C can alert you when a new device connects to the network. If a suspicious device tries to join the network, depending on the security level, it will be blocked from connecting, or you will be prompted to add the device to the blacklist

Wi-fi optimization

To give the network speed a boost, open the Mi WiFi app, go to the toolbox, and simply click "Wi-Fi Optimization" to automatically monitor and optimize the Wi-Fi channel in multiple dimensions.

Remote managemant

Your home network in the palm of your hand

You can manage your home network at any time using the Mi WiFi app, enabling you to check the status of your home network even when you're out.