Xiaomi Mi Smart Kettle (White)

Perfect Temperature, Perfect Glass of Water.
Brand: Xiaomi
Code: XM01009
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Perfect water temperature, no matter what you use your water for
Black tea needs boiling water for the best aroma and taste. Green tea brews best with 80 - 90 ℃ water. For honey water, nutrients may be destroyed if the temperature is too high.

Mi Smart Kettle has intelligent temperature control.
Simply enable Bluetooth on your phone and connect to the Mi Home App. You can then set the temperature directly on the phone according to different needs.

Not only can you heat the water up to the set temperature, you can also boil the water then keep it at the temperature you set.

Warmth that lasts from dusk to dawn
Mi Smart Kettle maintains constant temperature for up to 12 hours.

In lab tests, water that is boiled then set to keep at 90 ℃ was able to maintain that temperature for 12 hours.

The energy consumption of this process is only 0.532 Kw.h.

Good interior, Good Water
Components that come in direct contact with the water, such as the interior surface, the inside of the lid and temperature sensor, are all made from high quality 304 stainless steel of the POSCO GB4806 standard.

This type of stainless steel is very safe, and widely used in medical and food industries. It has the advantages of resistance to rust, anti-scaling, odourlessness, and easy cleaning.

Easy to Clean, No Hard-to-Reach Spots!
Large 130mm Diameter and One-Piece Construction Liner

The spout is created through a one-piece stainless steel stretching technique, allowing it to be seamlessly integrated with the interior. The bottom of the kettle is smooth and has no hard-to-reach spots that impede cleaning. With a 130mm extra-large kettle spout and 80° wide lid opening angle, you will be able to clean the liner with ease, using just your hands or with tools. No more worrying about hard-to-reach spots harbouring dirt and filth.

An elegant water heating experience
Mi Smart Kettle uses higher quality food-grade white polypropylene as the outer casing and features a simple yet beautiful design. The water outlet's special curved design optimises water flow, preventing dripping or splashing. Whether on a coffee table, kitchen bar, or the corner of a desk, its minimalistic and refined appearance is beautiful from every angle. From the perspective of a designer, a good electric kettle should not only be tool for boiling water boiling in the kitchen, but also a part of the users' daily lives, such that the design of each detail must be treated with the utmost importance.

Triple safety protection
The patented power connector design provides electric shock protection and is safe to touch. Even if you accidentally spill water on the power connector, it will not cause electric leakage. Mi Smart Kettle also features anti-dry-burning protection. When it detects dry-burning, it will automatically shut off the power.

Double layer kettle body, cool to the touch
Mi Smart Kettle boasts a double layer kettle body, wrapping stainless steel liner with food-grade PP plastic, with a hollow insulation cavity between the two. Even if the interior has reached 100℃, the outside of the kettle is only 40℃. This heat protection insulation design keeps the kettle cool to the touch.