Xiaomi Mi Home Security Camera 1080P (Magnetic Mount)

The high definition ultra-wide-angle camera doesn't leave anything out.
Brand: Xiaomi
Code: XM01001
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Mi Home Security Camera 1080p (Magnetic Mount)

High Definition Ultra Wide Angle

The high definition ultra-wide-angle camera doesn't leave anything out. 

The 1080p high definition picture quality

Displays your home with great clarity from the first glance.The standard version of the Mi Home Security Camera 1080p produces 1080p full HD video images with a frame rate of up to 20 fps, for clear and seamless images that maintain clarity even when zoomed in.

The disturbance-free enhanced night vision allows mothers to feel at ease, being able to view clear images of their children.The disturbance-free 940 nm infrared fill light generates night vision images free of red points, giving the images more depth and clarity.

The wide viewing angle

Makes the camera suitable for all kinds of locations, including homes, supermarkets and coffee shops.The camera is suitable for outdoor use, including garage doorways, stairways, yards and windowsills.

The camera has a magnetic base for inverted installation

Meaning it can be placed anywhere you likeIts spherical shape and magnetic base make the camera easy to install and adjust.The AI human detection filters false alarms.The AI algorithm carries out intelligent analysis on human figures in an image, effectively filtering false alarms caused by curtain swings, light changes, insects and so on, ensuring that alarms only go off when a human is detected.

The two-way communication is as fluid as talking on the phone

The Mi Home Security Camera 1080p standard version provides a full duplex voice calling function for more smooth and easy communication. The Mi Home Security Camera Basic standard version can be connected to several Mi smart sensors for functions such as alarms and sleep.

The IP65 dust and water proof test 

The device is effectively protected against dust and water intrusion and functions in extreme weather conditions such as rain, snow, sunshine, sand and dust storms. When installing the device, consider the location, so that the device is protected from being washed away during heavy rain, do not immerse the device in water or install the device in a location at risk of being sprayed by pressurized water.