Xiaomi Mi Portable Photo Printer Paper (2x3-inch, 20-sheets)

Bring moments to life with 15-second AR photos
Brand: Xiaomi
Code: XM00992
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For Xiaomi Mi Portable Photo Printer  ( Pack of 20 sheets Size 2x3″ )

You want to be able to print everything out without any problems and wherever you are, that’s why you got the new Xiaomi Mi Portable Photo Printer. Go further and don’t run out of support with the new Pack x20 Photo Paper Xiaomi Mi Portable Photo Printer 2×3". Specially designed for this printer, it’s going to let you get all the shots you want to get your hands on. It’s great!

A better impression for your daily life

The new Xiaomi Mi Portable Photo Printer is designed for you, who love taking photos everywhere and having them. So that you don’t run out of support, get this new high quality photo paper, with a 3" size and double layer for better printing. This pack of 20 papers is amazing and you’re going to love it.