Xiaomi Mi Wireless Fast Charger

Supports the Qi wireless charging protocol
Brand: Xiaomi
Code: XM00920
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Mi Wireless Charging Pad 

Supports the Qi wireless charging protocol

The Mi Wireless Charging Pad complies with the Qi wireless charging standard developed by the Wireless Power Consortium, allowing it to charge smart devices support Qi protocol.

Charge all your Qi protocol devices

The Mi Wireless Charging Pad supports fast charging for various smartphone models, providing 7.5W charging.

Detects and protects against foreign metal objects

During daily use, small metal objects trapped between the wireless charger and phone may cause overheating.

The Mi Wireless Charging Pad protects against foreign metal objects by recognizing them and automatically disconnecting the power supply, or controlling the surface temperature of the metal objects within a reasonable range to avoid overheating.

Even charges through phone cases

The Mi Wireless Charging Pad has a stable sensing distances up to 0.16 inches. It can even charge with a case on the phone

Multiple protection for extra safety

The devices has multiple safety features, including temperature protection and input overvoltage protection that ensure safety throughout the charging process

Smart LED indicator

The smart LED indicator shows a blinking or solid light so you can instanstly determine whether the device is functioning normally.

Quality material

The outer material is made of soft- touch silicone that not only increases friction and shock absorption, but also ensures stable phone charging by preventing damage caused by dropping device.

​Delicate and minimalist look

The aluminium alloy shell is surface treated using conventional technology before undergoing additional CNC edging and polishing with a secondary anodising treatment. This results is exquisite contours and an enchanced, textured feel.