Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Pro (White)

More power for better, faster purification
Brand: Xiaomi
Code: XM00797
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Mi Air Purifier Pro

More power for better, faster purification

Large space, fast circulation, more powerful purification

The Mi Air Purifier Pro has been created to give you true quality of life, with up to 500 m³/h of PM CADR covering an area up to 60 m², new OLED display, and high-precision laser particulate sensors that guarantee a new, healthier life!

Huge 500 m³/h CADR circulation! The air in the room air is quickly refreshed

The new Mi Air Purifier Pro features an optimized air charging system, which creates a PM CADR value of up to 500 m³/h. The unique tower design allows for the rapid formation of a 360° circulation of air in the room, creating a unique "air tree" in the room that absorbs dust, PM2.5, formaldehyde, etc. So you can feel the pure air and quality of life brought by technology without leaving your home.

New Pure and Powerful Aerodynamics System

The Mi Air Purifier Pro quietly produces a constant flow of clean air thanks to its powerful "inner core" made of fans and ducts. The optimized air flow and design increase the air pressure so that the contaminated air can be absorbed into the filter element for purification.

Layer-By-Layer Filtration Clean air needs to be treated again and again

Air quality affects your health, so it must be taken seriously. The new Mi Air Purifier Pro continues to use an integrated barrel-shaped filter, which combines an effective primary filter, high-efficiency filtration materials, and activated carbon into a triple-layer filtration net. Layer-by-layer, it filters out large particles such as dirt, fine dust, hair, pollen and harmful formaldehyde substances at the molecular level to bring you a consistent purification experience.

Primary Filter

Intercepts large suspended particles

PET material (saturated polyester) has been selected as the primary filter, offering a number of features including high strength and resistance to breakage, oil, fat, dilute acid and alkali. A long filter element service life is guaranteed even when used for long periods of time.

High-performance filter material

Removes polluting gases such as formaldehyde

High-performance filtration material for small particles down to micron size. High-quality filter material is folded into detailed peaks. The strong pressure reduces wind resistance, allowing air to pass through quickly.

High-quality activated carbon

Removes polluting gases such as formaldehyde

Choosing a high-quality cylindrical activated carbon offers characteristics such as a larger surface area, developed pore structure, high absorption capacity, uniform particle distribution, and high wear resistance. This achieves better absorption and greatly improves the product's ability to purify the air.

Clean air

Provides a constant stream of clean air that fills every corner of the room.

60 m² coverage! Small footprint, large capacity

To make the air in the space cleaner, the Mi Air Purifier Pro has been upgraded again to extend the area covered by the previous generation of the Mi Air Purifier from 37 m² to 60 m². This guarantees more efficient air purification to improve health in large spaces.